Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Fall (The God Slayers Trilogy) by David L. Dawson

The Fall (The God Slayers Trilogy) by David L. Dawson
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How do you balance personal aspirations with the needs of those that depend on you? Ben Casper, identifies with his readers well, life is hard and constantly changing especially living in The Glass Palace, responsibility and danger assumed. Author David L. Dawson, plunges the reader immediately into a world of fantasy creatures, relatable with human characteristics and those of fancy. In this story The Fall humans inhabit a futuristic world, fighting to survive a post-apocalyptic earth where various dangers are always underfoot. The humanoids so aptly named, have recognizable emotions and reflexes that make the reader fear and love them, the characters are well fleshed out making this an exciting fast-paced read. Our hero in this book one The Fall of The God Slayers Trilogy comes face to face with members of the Order of Power, Brother after much damage and warring to himself and his home, capture is the last thing our hero needs, but with his sarcasm and quirky humor still intact the fight continues for survival, family and friends. How will Ben escape? And what lies ahead is it worth the endangerment that is sure to come. The Fall is a an exciting read, opening the doors to more science fiction action with each page turn a light touch of romance, but mostly hard-hitting imaginative adventure.

Natasha Mathisrud, MBA

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