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Keloid Scars: What You Should Know, and How To Manage & Prevent Them by Zamb

Keloid Scars: What You Should Know, and How To Manage & Prevent Them by Zamb
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What are Keloid Scars? Do you or someone you know have a Keloid related Scar? In the eBook Keloid Scars: What You Should know, and How To Manage & Prevent Them the author Zamb outlines the underlying causes of keloid scars and how proper attention and future preventive measures can improve those inflicted with these detracting skin blemishes. Zamb’s aim is to educate the reader by reviewing the history and common elements found among subjects such as the formation and identification of keloid types. The book goes on to describe treatment methodologies, home remedies and self-diagnosis. The back of the book depicts various keloids in clear full-color photographs, to aid in diagnosis and assure the reader she is not alone. This book can be used in a myriad of ways, as a handbook to self-educate and self-treat using holistic natural methods or as an informational reference guide to learn more about keloids and prepare oneself to have open candid discussions about your medical care options under your doctor’s supervision and guidance. Armed with the knowledge this eBook provides keloid sufferers can make more knowledgeable choices for their individual health. 

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