Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grace & Grant Find The Open Door by Stanley G. Buford

Grace & Grant Find The Open Door by Stanley G. Buford http://tinyurl.com/8opx7va
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Author Stanley G. Buford founder of From Boys To Men Network Foundation and the recipient of the prestigious National Leadership Award in Business and The “Keeping America Strong” Awards, brings us another exciting book called, Grace & Grant Find The Open Door. This story is compelling in many ways; the reader can understand the thoughts and feelings Grace has toward Grant, and her need to reconnect with her family. This reconnection draws her closer to Grant during his time of need, paving the way for her to evaluate her feelings toward her sibling, spirituality, and what hope means for her. This story translates into a teaching tale; many people all over the world are dealing with differing family dynamics, illness and death, loss of hope and connectedness. Whatever your situation, Grace & Grant Find The Open Door can offer a sense of achievement and comprehension to reflect on and provide purpose to encourage the change you the reader may need, and in the way you need it.  There is no right way to face emotional duress; Grace takes us on her journey of hope and inspiration. Stanley G. Buford’s other written works include: Thanks Dad!, Not All Teachers Are Parents, But all Parents Are Teachers! This title is hailed as “an interesting book” by Barack Obama, What Makes A Man? and Bick & stink Meet King Solomon.

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