Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Exodus Lost by S. C. Compton

Exodus Lost by S. C. Compton
BookSurge Publishing      ISBN-13: 978-1439276839   Price: $15.99
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Most of us like hearing about a good treasure hunt, the thrill of the expedition the feelings of excitement and anticipation are overwhelming. What will be found and what types of twists and turns await us the reader. Imagine all the build up and fast moving excitement involving historical elements of pyramids, ancient civilizations and newly discovered archeological finds? Embarking on such an enthusiastic voyage would be even more revealing if it involved history, stunned by new information, questioning past preconceptions and notions of previous civilizations, building the framework to expose new truths and present insurmountable questions, author S. C. Compton has written an intriguing account of history with imbedded curiosity and adventure. He takes us back to Aztec and Mesoamerican Cultures, identifying gaps in past thinking and paves a clear outline of potentially new understandings related to this ancient place and Western society. He also touches on the alphabet and its span through history as it relates to time and place, mythology, archeological finds, biblical references, map comparisons and much more. An interesting adventure Exodus Lost is well worth the hunt, one does not have to believe in any particular school of thought, just read and enjoy the well placed words and think through the argument and positions presented, new discoveries may await you.

Natasha Mathisrud, MBA
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