Monday, June 18, 2012

Become An Academic Free Agent by Michael D Finney

Become An Academic Free Agent by Michael D Finney
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Have you ever wondered can you choose the teaching jobs you want? This is a great guide for those aspiring to move away from a more traditional work style that many facilitators, instructors and professors currently work in and move into a self-directed workspace which can allow one the freedoms of an independent contractor and open up virtual and traditional classroom opportunities. Author Michael Finney draws on his knowledge, teaching, educational research and training expertise to provide readers with a practical guide to becoming and independent academic educator. Finney explains the importance of academic free agents, why you should take a look at it as a possible alternative, and how you can do it too! This book has it all! Light humor, and step-by-step formatting make this How To Guide a treat! Become An Academic Free Agent is a useful guide that points out a beginner’s first steps, additional book resources and websites, red flags to look for when seeking opportunities, work life balance and much more.

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