Monday, June 18, 2012

Smooth, Creamy, Delicious Velveeta Cheese Recipes by Jane Kitchens

Kindle Edition. 21pages. $4.97 ASIN: BOO6Z8WHWK
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This is not your mother’s cookbook! Its chalked full of fun and easy recipes that are both economical and easy for the working Mom, Dad or cook-it-quick family that is short on time or monetary resources during these delicate budgetary times, this is a cookery for you. The main ingredient in every dish is that creamy melty goodness brought to us in 1918 by The Monroe Cheese Company, New York. Many of us today know it as a Kraft food product and could not imagine snacks, dinner and more without it. After all Velveeta is enjoyed by kids of all ages! In this slender-sized recipe book, with easy to navigate chapters Jane Kitchens, Smooth, Creamy, Delicious, Velveeta Cheese Recipes are a must-have for any eBook shelf. Kitchens inspires us with Velveeta food history and goes on to tell us how we can use it in many tantalizing dishes including appetizers, chicken, pork, beef, seafood and veggies.

Natasha Mathisrud, MBA

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