Monday, June 18, 2012

What Makes A Man By Stanley G. Buford

What Makes A Man By Stanley G. Buford
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Author Stanley G. Buford brings us another thought-provoking book. In this work he provides us a small look into the awe-inspiring life of William S. Grundy, Buford carves a different circumstantial view and understanding of the question he so gracefully posits to his readers What Makes A Man? We may open this book with preconceived ideas and notions on the subject, but after reading Buford’s book your thoughts will surprise you. Stanley G. Buford is a Chicago native, the founder of the From Boys To Men Network a non-profit assisting Chicago’s inner-city youth, and continues to be a natural educator who holds a Master’s degree from National-Louis University and DePaul University, who continues to work in the education field lecturing, teaching, facilitating and mentoring. His previous book titled Not ALL Teachers Are Parents, But All Parents Are Teachers, received accolades including an esteemed remark from President Barack Obama.

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