Monday, June 18, 2012

The Sulphur Diaries by Georgina Kamsika

The Sulphur Diaries by Georgina Kamsika
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Paperbooks Publishing Ltd. ISBN-13: 978-1908248596
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Georgina Kamsika is a writer for all of us Supernatural Thriller readers out there who like a touch of romantic undertone, heart-pounding action, toe curling realism, with a side of paranormal to finish it all off. In this novel the author takes us on a journey to a village in Yorkshire, many by most accounts would call normal, until the main character discloses the towns secret. Why is the main character Alice trying to escape? Spells are cast, magic is abundant, trust is deceptive, and did I mention the cats are demons! Twists and turns with more to come with each page turn. Rituals and blood, what’s not to love? This book is sure to entice and make one question the oddities that come our way day–to–day, with a smirk and a smile of course. Kamsika has a myriad of other short stories available in addition to The Sulphur Diaries on her website many are available to purchase or sample online, titles include: Acceptable Suitors, Cage The Beast, Childhood Monsters, Communication, Mission Six, Letters From The Dead Anthology, Mother India, Oracle, Our Father’s Eyes, The Many Deaths Of Johnny Silver and more.

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