Monday, June 18, 2012

The God in the Clear Rock by Lucian Randolph

The God in the Clear Rock by Lucian Randolph
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Hold on tight mega-adventurists, Book One of the Ancients of Earth Series is out and it is uber-exciting! The God in the Clear Rock has a touch of everything any fan of epics will enjoy. You will want to cozy up next to a crackling fire with a warm mug and literally jump into the pages. I love how the author, Lucian Randolph immediately pulls us in and makes us a part of his  “Ancients” world; it felt real and unreal with a blending of just the right touch of realism. A good story with charming science, political and military might, and some historical references, with I admit an all too-fun and at times quirky time jump scheme. Deities and Gods, great warriors that make you think fondly of past action adventure stories, and you know the ones I’m talking about. Then suddenly you’re being yanked into another world all keeping pace of course, professors and degrees… then conquistadors and Mayan Priests, but wait don’t forget the crystal tablets. Randolph uses this opening novel to set the stage for many world’s running concurrently, in different places, at different times with twists and turns that I cannot begin to unravel, but anxiously want more, perhaps some of my questions answers are awaiting for me in Book Two, The Hole in the Magic Shield?

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