Monday, June 18, 2012

In The Name of Love by Surakhan

In The Name of Love  by Surakhan 
Infinity Publishing. 175 pages. $14.95 ISBN: 0-7414-5701-6
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Most readers, inspiration seekers, and fans can relate to the message Surakhan posits in his book In The Name of Love. Surakhans’ storytelling abilities present a meaningful and heartfelt call to action encouraging, praising, and mentoring his musical celebrities Diana Ross, Cindy Birdsong, and Mary Wilson to reunite and give the fans one last hurrah!  This reunion is to for the author and fans to have a up-close and personal look at the stars themselves in a personable and no frills way. Fans could potentially share with their celebrity icons how much they are appreciated and the many lives their talents affected. He adeptly intertwines his film, directing and writing background to develop a storyline expressing his personal convictions around the making of his film.  Using nostalgic moments from a bygone era, have left a lasting impression on Surakhan, launching his many first and intimate moments of fandom with The Supremes, it is with these moments readers can connect and feel the urgency and drive behind the authors message…   In his calm wording, rhythmic tone, we travel together experiencing his journey emotionally connected the entire way, the end is surprising, but still rewarding. In this story the author teaches us perseverance and resilience, a lesson many readers will be inspired by.  Prior to embarking on this journey, Surakhan has had many other notable accomplishments a few of his most recent works include The Virginia Capers Story, Brothers Gonna Work It Out, and coming soon The Hereafter.

Natasha Mathisrud, MBA

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