Monday, June 18, 2012

Speaking Out and Listening In by Yvonne L. Jones

Speaking Out and Listening In by Yvonne L. Jones
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Speaking Out and Listening In is a book of poems that features relationships, spiritual well being, love, life struggles, hope, determination and so many more real down-to-earth aspects of life for the everyday person. It was written to capture and wrap you in words that nurture, soothe, and please. But provide a window of hope and champion anyone struggling to push the pangs aside and see each and every part of life as a beautiful changing opportunity. The authors words can often seem mystical as you feel yourself smile, laugh, even cry and continue moving with the ebb and flow of the writers voice through each page of her poems, deepening your understanding of yourself as you reflect on the topics of each verse. Literary prose can excite you, compel you, and draw you in closer to the author, but more importantly place you the reader in touch with oneself, the author Yvonne L. Jones does this and more with her first debut Speaking Out and Listening In.

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