Monday, June 18, 2012

Fight Bible by Shane Fazer

Fight Bible by Shane Fazer
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Are you looking for an exciting workout full of POWER and PUNCH?  Getting in shape with the guidance of a Professional Fighter has never been easier. Want to learn self-defense methods in the comfort of your own home? Shane Fazer energizes his readers in his book Fight Bible with the key aspects of fighting, training, and mental development that behind fighting so your speed and power will grow as you perfect your technique by using his approach.  Fazer’s instructions are clear and designed for easy victory, he doesn’t forget the little parts that will complete the workout, such as addressing your mental state, eating and dieting habits, and how to care for and prevent potential injuries. I enjoyed Shane Fazer’s conversational dialogue with me the reader, engaging one every step of the way. His books are easy to read and crammed full of his knowledge and expertise. Readily intriguing novices and adding skills to those already submersed into the world of fighting, self-defense, and those looking to get-into-shape now have a new exciting way!

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