Monday, June 18, 2012

The Empty Eggs of Burning Light by Lucian Randolph

The Empty Eggs of Burning Light by Lucian Randolph
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Lucian Randolph’s Ancients of Earth series continues into Book Three The Empty Eggs of Burning Light. This volume opens with a quickening pace as the path of destruction unfolds, the realization that intense tragedy can and has wiped out homes. As the magnetic field’s vulnerability puts earth and its inhabitants in continued peril, life must continue. So what can be done, who can prevent the endangerment of human and animal races? God In The Clear Rock work is never ending; new lives and homelands are formed, but they must cling to the past to remember and prevent a recycling of disaster events. The President and NASA continue to grapple with reality, will our astronauts return safely? Meteors headed in the wrong direction and how did a dead gang-banger turn up?  The pieces are coming together, deviant businessman Heung Chow Cho and his need for technology that Jay-L has pulls together pieces of Book One and Book Two, Lucian Randolph keeps us on the edge of our seats with his fast-moving chapters, intense storylines full of interesting characters, suspense and a well-balanced touch of Sci-Fi, Book Three The Empty Eggs of Burning Light is yet another action-packed adventure in the Ancients of Earth Series.

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