Monday, June 18, 2012

The Hole In The Magic Shield by Lucian Randolph

The Hole In The Magic Shield by Lucian Randolph
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Lucian Randolph’s Ancients of Earth Series continues onward in this second installment, The Hole In The Magic Shield. Opening with a solar storm that rattled even The Chief Scientist, attempts to avert the intense wave of light have failed; this is a glimpse at what is soon to happen all over the globe, will help arrive in time?  What will survival look and feel like? Randolph weaves us back into our familiar faces from Book One The God In The Clear Rock, our tribesman continue their search, stumbling upon pyramids shaped with black rocks that glow and move as if magnetically charged, but why? We know the countdown to the end of the earth has begun, our present day cast of characters is navigating through radiation clouds, seeking help from NASA, this book answers more questions, tangles the reader with even more heart- stopping action than Book One.  Lucian Randolph keeps our eyes on the page and minds in, Ancients of Earth. So much more to enjoy, action and romance make this into a thrill of a ride, well done! As our mysterious characters start to unveil more of their secrets we are really starting to learn and feel Randolph’s life-like characters even more, as this saga continues into Book Three The Empty Eggs of Burning Light.

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